Nebraska inducts Alexander H. Findlay into their Golf Hall of Fame.

When Alexander H. Findlay arrived in the United States in 1887 he immediately traveled to Nebraska with his golf clubs. Upon arriving at his destination a little west of Omaha he settled down in his new line of work, cowboy! It was a most amazing transition from world class golfer to 2nd hand hired hand cowboy. It's not that Alex did not take to riding a horse; he didn't totally understand anything about horses, cows or ranches. But a new start is a new start. It wasn't long before the urgings for a round of golf enveloped him. He heard there was a course in Denver, off he went in search of that course only to find out it was polo they were playing. He did this throughout the west and in the end he would start a new career, designing and building of golf courses. The first one was on the ranch in April of 1887, marking it the first round of golf to be played in the United States by a world renowned golfer with credentials up his arms and down the next. William Millar his friend from Scotland joined him on the links of Nebraska just as he did in Montrose, Scotland. So did other cowhands, Indians and even Wild Bill Hickok!

Alex stayed in Nebraska for a total of 10 years, marrying Frances Bennett of Omaha and having their first child there. Not only did he design the Merchiston Ranch course, but also the first courses in Omaha. In actuality, Nebraska deserves the acknowledgement of being in the cradle of American golf, and the American Indians or Native Americans were some of the first to take up the game in this country. I am sure that Alex, my grandfather, would be so happy to receive this acknowledgement and be so proud of his achievements in the state of Nebraska.

The induction ceremony will take place on October 2, 2012 in Nebraska, details will follow.


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