Frederick Findlay

Frederick Findlay

Fredrick Augustas McPherson Findlay (1872-1966) is the younger brother (8th in line) to Alexander H. Findlay.  Fred left Scotland following his father's career in the Army and upon retiring he later ended up in Melbourne, Australia, thinking the climate there would be best for his son. He came to be the head Pro at the “Metropolitan Golf Club” in Melbourne, Australia. Fred married Georgina Nee Brown in Montrose, Scotland on November 29, 1893 and had a son and two daughters born in Montrose. Frederick or Freddy was born in 1895 and Georgina who died at 10 days of age, was second born. Finally, Ruth was also born in Montrose. Subsequently, Fred and Georgina moved and Young Freddy and Ruth accompanied them to Melbourne. But young Freddy died in Australia and was buried at Oakleigh Cemetery, Victoria, Australia in 1912. He was just shy of his 17 year, and was re-interred to Montrose, Scotland 7 months later of the same year at the Rosehill Cemetery.

Freddy’s mother Georgina accompanied the casket back to Montrose. Apparently, Georgina never returned to Australia, nor did she come to the United States to be with her husband, she died in Montrose on January 21, 1943 and was buried along side Freddy her only son. Fred's only living child, Ruth Findlay stayed with her father in Australia until she met Raymond Loving. Ruth married Raymond Loving in 1924 in Australia. He took her back to his home at Charlottsville, VA and Fred apparently joined them in the United States. Ruth and Raymond had two children, Raymond Jr. or Buddy and a daughter Bonnie.

Buddy, Fred's grandson, learned the golf course architecture business from his grandfather Fred. Buddy designed along with Fred a number of courses then set out on his own in the mid-Atlantic region, designing quite a number of courses himself. Why not check out the tab about Fred Findlay and see his and Buddy’s accomplishments. Fred was not only an excellent golfer in his own rights, setting course records in Australia, but also a fine landscape artist, a poet and quite a good painter of oils. If you happen to have one of his oil paintings, there are all his remembrances of his life as a child in Scotland. I remember when I was a lad of only 17 visiting my uncle in Charlottsville, Virginia in 1963 at his apartment over the garage on the golf course of Farmington Country Club. He was still painting and he was in his mid 90's. He was the male equivalent of Grandma Moses, who also loved painting in her older life. His daughter Ruth gave me two of his prized paintings, I hang them with pride in my humble residence. That was the last opportunity I would be given to meet Fred. Little did I know at the time how precious those few days would be. You never know how soon it will be too late!

Frederick Findlay Sr. was also playing golf into his 90’s and in 1966 died at 94 years and is buried at the Monticello cemetery in Charlottsville, VA.

Raymond (Buddy) Loving Jr. played golf until his death in 1998 and his wife Pamelia also played.