Wright & Ditson Golf

Alex was hired by Wright in Ditson in 1897 (A.G. Spaulding & Bros.) to develop a line of personalized golf clubs, design courses, promote the game of golf in the United States. You will find the comments from their offer below

 April 2, 1897

Mr. Alec Findlay, Omaha, NEB.

 Dear Mr. Findlay:

 I am writing to you to know whether you would care to come East here and take a very nice position which we may be able to offer you in connection with golf. Frank Parmaleeo will tell you just the kind of a house A.G.Spalding & Bros. is. Should you come with us you will have a very nice position, indeed, to start on with a fair salary, and a great prospect of having a very much better one and a most pleasant time. Of course, you would get a chance to play yourself. This is not meant to be a definite offer, but I am pretty sure that should you care to make a change and come East, that we could find a position which I am sure you would like.

Yours truly,

C. S. Cox.