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A little history concerning this site and who is preparing the information. It is a joint effort of both myself Richard B. Findlay and Ronald A. Findlay, grandsons of Alexander H. Findlay by his 3rd son Norman E.J. Findlay, Sr. Growing up in Philadelphia, PA we had a house full of one of the most extensive private golf collections of antiquity in existence. We knew that our grandfather was famous for golf but not actually sure of his legacy. You see he died before I was born and when Ron was only 7 years of age. Our father would tell us of his father’s accomplishments in early American golf. He would even indicate that Alex was "The Father of American Golf".

Every time I would tell my friends that my grandfather introduced the game of golf in the United States, they would scoff at me for bragging. We had mountains of articles from newspapers and magazines as well as Alex's personal notes, but all of that was boxed and eventually forgotten as we had lives to live and earnings to make. Our older brother Norman E.J. Findlay, Jr. started to compile this material and published a newspaper in the 1990's called Global Golflore, only four issues were produced before his illness consumed his health. The newspapers are quite remarkable as Norm was an excellent golf historian. After his death in 2003 I started to develop an interest in furthering Norm's work. I started to pour through this load of articles and began to see the impact that Alex indeed did have on the game of Golf here in the U.S. I have a tool that Norm did not have at his time, the Internet. It is actually amazing how much information is available if you simply take the time to research. I began noticing that everywhere I turned, Golf pro's, newspapers, sports writers, teachers, everybody was referring to Alex as the "Father of American Golf". Well, if all these folks knew this why not make it available for everyone? This is my 4th year of putting this together along with my brother and my wife, Cece. As we find information we will post it on this site for your enjoyment. Isn't it amazing that history could be rewritten? The facts will do that, early figures in the development of Golf in this country will authenticate his place in golf's history.

Of course, I wholeheartedly will accept any information that you have regarding Golf courses he designed, anything you have regarding the history of early American Golf will be accepted. Whether Alex will be introduced into the World Golf Hall of Fame  or not is something that time will tell, but for the first time we will try with a concerted effort. I hope you will enjoy the site and future articles. As I visit his remaining golf courses I will also endeavor to write about these remaining masterpieces and show his skills at designing courses that stand the test of time.

For those who have played his courses or are presently a member of one of the 125 remaining courses still in existence, you have quite a legacy. Your course was designed by the "Father of American Golf".

The site has taken on a new design to greatly enhance the user experience. All the content is broken down into five main areas: long in-depth articles, shorter stories, list of courses, Fred Findlay, and a gallery of photos. All these areas will deliver aspects of Alexander H. Findlay's life that display why he is the Father of American Golf. Alexander Findlay played a major role in shaping the golf world in America and should be recognized for doing so. For all the official information, this is your resource. If you have any questions, please use the contact form located on every page. Take a look around and let us know what you think!


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  1. Picture of Tom Heyer

    Tom Heyer

    Jun, 5th

    Looking for copies of any sketches, plans or layouts of Alex Findlay’s body of work. Anyone have any ideas where I might find these? Alex Findlay was very underrated as a designer. I’m especially interested in golf courses in Maine


    Tom Heyer

  2. Picture of Richard Findlay

    Richard Findlay

    Jun, 5th

    Working on that info. It is a project to organize those details, but if you keep posted to this web site I will do my best.
    Richard Findlay

  3. Picture of Jeff Taylor

    Jeff Taylor

    Jun, 5th

    Thanks for allowing me to play along today. Todd, CC, and you were fine playing partners and I look forward to learning more about your Grandfather’s legacy.
    Jeff Taylor

  4. Picture of Tom Heyer

    Tom Heyer

    Jun, 5th


    Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll look forward to learning/seeing more of Alex Findlay’s work.


  5. Picture of John Shimony

    John Shimony

    Jun, 5th

    You may want to add Middletown Country Club in Langhorne, PA to the list of Finlay courses per their Club History described on their website.
    420 N Bellevue Ave
    Langhorne, PA 19047-2142
    (215) 757-6953

  6. Picture of Charlotte Kahl

    Charlotte Kahl

    Jun, 5th

    Great website !!  I’d like to suggest a short personal biography be included.  Born?, Migrated?, Schooling?, Married?, Cities lived?, Hobbies?, We can find a multitude of newspaper articles related to Findlay golfing - play, design, advise, but little about the man he was when at home. Thanks for the great start you have on this informative website.

  7. Picture of Doug Pendleton

    Doug Pendleton

    Jun, 5th

    Very intersting materials and seemingly not getting the attention deserved.  I am however perplexed as to the differing opions as to who designed some of these course.  Ross is credited for many of the courses on your list, big name couses billed as Ross masterpieces. How did or how does this happen?  How also did Alexander manage to visit design and/or build over 20 courses in 1897 alone?  Not doubting, just exploring?

  8. Picture of Royal Swan Farm

    Royal Swan Farm

    Jun, 5th

    Hello! Do you have any information on whether A. H. Findlay designed the Royal Swan Golf Club he played on in the 1920’s? The course is now our family farm. MQ Riding, RSF

  9. Picture of Eric Fishman

    Eric Fishman

    Jun, 5th

    I am the club historian at Essex County CC in NJ. Alex Findaly was our first pro and designed our first course. Is this the same as your grandfather?


  10. Picture of John Keeling

    John Keeling

    Jun, 5th

    Played paxon hollow, tavistock, middletown/langhorne and, i think ,the successor courses of oak terrace (now known possibly as Talamore?) and wilmington municipal(possibly now Porky Oliver golf club in wilmington-unless they renamed it since it was known that way. Also, I was a member of Yardley CC for several years.  Also, Langhorne country club was renamed Middletown country club (Langhorne, PA). I’m surprised that Mr findlay didnt design Rock Manor in wilmington De. - having played that course many times when i was young- it looks like it might have been a design of his. Wow, what a prolific designer.  It would be great if there was an interclub competition among the Findly designed clubs.
    John Keeling

  11. Picture of Stanley Barnes

    Stanley Barnes

    Jun, 5th

    I have an old, veryold wood shaft golf club that I just removed the rust and it has the initials: AH Findl.

    Could this possible be one of his clubs?

    Stanley barnes

  12. Picture of Beverley Aberline (nee FINDLAY)

    Beverley Aberline (nee FINDLAY)

    Jun, 5th

    My Great Grandfather James Alexander Findlay was the eldest brother of G. Uncle Alex.  James was Wright & Ditson’s Golf Ball Maker and also laid out Golf Courses for W. & D. between January 1900 & June 1903.  I am interested in your site.

  13. Picture of Susan (Findlay) Collins

    Susan (Findlay) Collins

    Sep, 20th

    My father, Herbert Findlay, always told me that his father’s (Matthew Findlay) brother introduced golf into the US and I’ve always told that story but never had any proof!  Thanks for justifying this for me!

  14. Picture of Bob Gettis, current president of Golf Collectors S

    Bob Gettis, current president of Golf Collectors S

    May, 18th

    Getting ready for meeting at PGA Mid-Atlantic headquarters in Stafford, VA on Saturday, May 21 2011. Richard Findlay will present information to our group about his grandfather Alex.
    I’m bringing two irons for Show-n-Tell. One is marked A.H. Findlay and the other without a “d” A. Finlay! The Golf Collectors Society has over 1000 members around the world devoted to collecting golf memorabilia.

  15. Picture of Kathleen Joan Marjoram nee Findlay

    Kathleen Joan Marjoram nee Findlay

    Jun, 24th

    Alexander H. Findlay was my father, Regiinald Tucker Findlay’s uncle and my great uncle.

    I am intrigued to read his history and would like to hear from any of his surviving relatives.

    Kathleen Marjoram

  16. Picture of stanley miller

    stanley miller

    Dec, 12th

    I am still looking for any scorecard or layout of the riverside course in berks county pa. course was buried by the river commision.

  17. Picture of Alex Findlay

    Alex Findlay

    Jan, 28th

    after doing a google search on myself I found this website….very interesting…I wonder if I might be related!

    Ill have to do a little bit of research on the history of my family

  18. Picture of Karl von Krog

    Karl von Krog

    Aug, 19th

    I worked with a Norman Findlay in 1963 in Los Angeles (ITT Cannon). Any relation?
    The Norm I knew had been a Marine, and had a collection of early golf balls and clubs.

  19. Picture of this ball has the initials AH 217-552-5541 anyone

    this ball has the initials AH 217-552-5541 anyone

    Aug, 23rd

    I have 1000 golf balls from a golf cource that had alot of old pro tours this ball has the initials AH 217-552-5541 anyone know how to tell. 217-552-5541 anyone know how to tell

  20. Picture of Mark Findlay

    Mark Findlay

    Feb, 3rd

    My great grandfather was Alex H Findlay’s brother…William Edward…enjoyed reading all this information which I knew nothing about, shocked!!  Thank you from the English Findlay’s.

  21. Picture of Your Name

    Your Name

    Aug, 16th

    I have a few of Findlay’s designs of the Long Course at the Lake Placid Club est. 1907 6301 yards bogi 80.  The most attractive golf course in the world.

  22. Picture of Dusty Helbling

    Dusty Helbling

    Jan, 5th

    Hi Richard,
    The Ft. Smith Country Club that A. H. Findlay design in 1903 is up for sale. I have
    a meeting scheduled next week to see if we can save it from becoming a real estate
    development of some type.  Like to have your regular mail address to send you the
    history of FSCC and a drawing of the original lay out by Alex.  I am the guy that work
    with Norm on Global Golflore.
                                    Dusty Helbling

  23. Picture of Jim Jeselnick

    Jim Jeselnick

    Sep, 15th

    Hello, I am the in-coming President of the Golf Collector’s Society and would like to join your group. I believe that we would have some synergy since we are devoted to preserving the history of golf, especially in America. Our Annual meeting is in Pinehurst in November and we would love to have a representative from your group join us. The dates are November 12-14.
    My contact is 219-928-5585. I look forward to hearing from you.

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