Where in the World….have I been?

So sorry for the lapse in my stories. We just moved to Florida and it was a most hectic transition from Washington DC to Ocala Florida. Life is much slower here, so that affords me the opportunity to start researching more as well as writing more. I apologize for the delay in getting back to the responses received. I also have some very exciting news on a major development in the ability to play golf into those senior years (of which I have now entered). At any rate new features on this old website are about to take place. We are expanding our base and exploring new possibilities on the history as well as the future of the game of golf. 

Richard Findlay



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  1. Picture of Dusty Helbling

    Dusty Helbling

    Jan, 5th

    Ft. Smith CC design by A. H. Findlay is up for sale.  I have a meeting next week
    to see if we can save it from becoming another Real Estate development.
    Like to have your mailing address to send a article published last Sept. on a short
    history of FSCC and a drawing of Alex’s layout of the course.  I am the guy that
    worked with Norm on Global Golflore !
                                              dusty helbling   !-5-2017

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